reel.gifLet’s see which TV network decides to turn this into the next awards show. The 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival announced today the launch of the “Hollywood Trailer Festival” and “Hollywood Trailer Awards,” claiming to be the first major festival honoring feature film previews. (As opposed to the established Golden Trailer Awards.) The idea is to recognize creativity and innovation in feature film previews in 12 categories: Best Action, Best Animation, Best Comedy, Best Documentary, Best Drama, Best Horror, Best Independent, Best Romance, Best Thriller, Most Original, Best Blockbuster and Best Trailer of the Decade. A panel of Hollywood notables will judge and select the nominees and winners. Five nominees in each category will be announced on October 6, and the winners will be honored during the 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival, which take place from October 22 to October 27. (Hint: The festival and awards presenter is Starz Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation. So given the nasty history of John Malone and Rupert Murdoch, I’d say the Fox network is a non-starter for televising it.)