You be the judge: I’m told this promo is supposed to air April 3rd before the return of NBC’s My Name is Earl. In it, Jeff Zucker offers not just a recap of the show’s fall season but also some zingers about issues left over from the writers’ strike. Worse, it shows him leering at Alyssa Milano’s boobage and signing off as “JZ out…”. I wish this were a hoax — but it’s real. At what point did NBC’s “Must-See TV” degrade into “JZ TV”? UPDATE: NBC just confirmed to me that Zucker taped the intro “at the request of Earl‘s creator, Greg Garcia”. And in response to my query, Garcia emails: “It was my idea. We had to do a recap of the show because we’d been off for so long, and I thought this would be a funny way to do it. The writers wrote the whole thing, I asked Jeff if he would do it, and he was cool enough to say yes. I loved the way it turned out, and I think it’s fucking hilarious.” Well, I bet it never airs: