robert-de-niro-1.jpgRobert De Niro’s reps sent out a celebratory announcement that Los Angeles Superior Court today granted summary judgment on all causes of action in favor of the Oscar-winning actor against a lawsuit brought by Fireman’s Fund Insurance alleging De Niro had made false statements to the insurance carrier about his health. The case arose out of the 2003 production of the film Hide and Seek whose filming schedule was delayed when, on October 15th of that year, De Niro learned from his doctor that he had prostate cancer.  Fireman’s Fund insured the film against losses caused by delays resulting from the illness of key actors. The insurance carrier subsequently sued De Niro, claiming that he intentionally withheld information about his diagnosis during a cast medical exam, even though that exam took place five days before De Niro received the bad news that he had prostate cancer. Judge Rolf Treu today ruled that De Niro made no false statements to Fireman’s Fund about his health. “This ruling vindicates what we’ve said all along: Mr. De Niro answered Fireman’s Fund’s questions truthfully and we are pleased that the Court has found that Fireman’s Fund can’t sue Mr. De Niro for getting cancer,” his attorney Robyn Crowther of Caldwell Leslie & Proctor said in today’s statement.