greyx.jpgI can report that the federal prosecutors in the Pellicano wiretapping trial have told the Paramount chief it’s a very real possibility he’ll take the witness stand tomorrow to talk all about Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano. Because of that, the studio boss is heading to Roybal federal building in downtown Los Angeles in his best blue suit. This is the first time in the course of the wiretapping and conspiracy trial that a big-name Hollywood figure is testifying, not to mention a Hollywood mogul. There’s little doubt that Grey, who is not accused of any wrongdoing, will be asked to testify about his years as one of the entertainment industry’s most prominent managers and producers: specifically, comedian Garry Shandling’s civil suit accusing Grey of conflict of interest, and screenwriter Bo Zenga’s legal fight with Grey over Scary Movie dollars. In both cases, the mogul was represented by top entertainment litigator Bert Fields. Both Grey and Fields are said by the feds to have hired Anthony Pellicano. Fields also isn’t accused of any crimes by the government.