In answer to your emails, here’s the order of placement in that big WGA Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament benefitting the Industry Support Fund held on Sunday: aces_poker_chips1.gifThe Simpsons‘ Sam Simon won 1st place, Shawn Ryan 2nd, Rich Molyneux 3rd, Lucy Ulikhanova 4th, Matt Miller 5th, Rob Moore 6th, Jeffrey Berman 7th, Matt Levin 8th, David Weiss 9th, and Steven Fisher 10th. It wouldn’t seem a fair fight since Sam Simon finished 329th in the 2007 World Series of Poker. But I’m told at the WGA tourney there were three guys left — Simon, Ryan and Molyneux — and since it was getting late and they’d been playing for hours, they “chopped” the remaining prize pool and then divided the total proportionately according to how many chips they each had the time. “In other words, if they’d kept playing, any one of the three may have wound up winning, but Sam Simon had the most chips at the time,” an attendee told me. Between 250 and 170 players — including Matthew Perry, Hank Azaria and other celebs — raised $$$ for the Industry Support Fund.