trial-logo-smaller.jpgParamount boss Brad Grey was mentioned rather unflatteringly during the ongoing Pellicano trial today. It came during a witness-prosecutor catechism of wire tape summaries intended to establish that they were derived from illegal wiretaps. bradgreyinformal2.jpgHere’s the evidentiary quote from one of the summaries prepared by would-be private investigator Tarita Virtue who worked for Pellicano and whose job included listening to wiretapped recordings: “Greg [Bo Zenga’s lawyer] says that everyone who see this [Zenga’s Scary Movie lawsuit] is going to say that Brad Gray is a fucking criminal and should be locked up.” Virtue told Chad Hummel, representing ex-LAPD Sgt Mark Arneson, that she didn’t know if Grey, then a well known manager who is now the head of Paramount, or a third party, had directly hired the Hollywood private investigator.

(From LA Weekly’s Steven Mikulan who is also covering the Pellicano trial for DHD.)