Famed Century City entertainment litigator Bert Fields today issued this statement in response to some of the charges leveled by comedian Garry Shandling in his Pellicano trial testimony last week as well as the coverage of it by the Los Angeles Times. Fields defended Grey during Garry Shandling’s conflict of interest lawsuit:

bertfields100.jpg“I was appalled at the report on Gary Shandling’s testimony in the Los Angeles Times of March 17th.

“Firstly, Shandling’s allegations in his lawsuit against Brad Grey did not include any claim of forgery. A check of the Court file would have shown this. So would a call to me. Without making any such check, the Times article reported that Shandling claimed forgery and even compared Brad to David Begelman, a convicted forger.

Let me be clear. There was no forgery, and no forgery was claimed.

“Similarly, Shandling’s claim that Brad wouldn’t let him see his own contracts is absurd. It never happened.

“Shandling’s basic claim in his lawsuit was that Brad sold his own interest in certain television shows and in Brad’s own company. He did not sell Shandling’s interest in anything; but Shandling claimed he should have. To me, that claim made no legal sense. Yet it was the fundamental basis of his lawsuit.

“To measure the validity of that lawsuit, Shandling sued for $100 million and settled for only $4 million. The actual settlement agreement is available for anyone who wants to check. Although I felt confident about Brad’s winning the case, I considered this an excellent settlement.

“Brad Grey is one of the straightest shooters I’ve encountered in many years of involvement with the film business. In every one of his dealings that I have observed over the years, he’s been scrupulously honest and fair. He did not deserve Shandling’s bitter, self-serving and grossly inaccurate rant.

“As to Shandling, maybe there’s something to karma after all.”