whoopi2.jpgI’ve put in a call to AMPAS’ Sid Ganis to find out why Sunday night’s video montage of great moments from the Oscars didn’t feature any hosting footage of 4-timer Whoopi Goldberg or Steve Martin when everyone else was shown. Whoopi teared up about it on today’s The View which, like the Oscars, is broadcast by ABC. (Didn’t anyone at the network go, “Huh?”) See the clip hereThe View women found the oversight unforgiveable since Whoopi was the first female host, the first Oscar winner to host, and only the second African-American woman to ever win. “Did you make somebody at the Oscars mad?” Whoopi was asked. “Undoubtedly,” she replied.

bradrenfro2.jpgAlso confounding was why actor Brad Renfro, who made his big film debut opposite Susan Sarandon in 1994’s The Client, was missing from Sunday’s Oscar obits. Veteran actor Roy Scheider was missing, too, but an AMPAS spokesperson just told me that his death was too recent to include in the obit montage and assured, “He’ll definitely be included in next year’s.” About Renfro, whose credits also included Sleepers, Apt Pupil and Ghost World, AMPAS insisted it was an editing decision made only because not everyone could be included. I say that’s incredibly classless.