NBC sources are now clarifying for me exactly where the network stands about suing the WGA. Or are they? (This updates my previous reporting on this fast-breaking story, Sources: NBC & Hollywood Foreign Press May Sue WGA Over No Golden Globes.) “A lot of lawyers out there are trying to point fingers at a lot of people,” a network insider just confirmed. I can tell you that, based on my previous conversations with NBC insiders right after the Golden Globes were cancelled, the network was seriously expecting to be sued by Dick Clark Productions and possibly even by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Today, I’m told by NBC that lawyers for the HFPA and Dick Clark Productions are presently in hot pursuit of what they think are possible legal claims against the WGA. But lawyers have also told NBC that the network could take some sort of legal action against the guild as well, network insiders tell me. “So what happened,” an NBC source explains, “is a week and a half ago we were approached and asked, if they [the HFPA and Dick Clark Prods] decide to take legal action, would we join their lawsuits. And we said no. And that’s it. But they did come to us.” goldenglobes.JPGHowever, other sources insist to me that it wasn’t until today that NBC gave a “no” answer. Nevertheless, if HFPA and/or Dick Clark Productions file lawsuits, NBC will inevitably be dragged into it and no doubt be forced to cooperate. But if Jeff Zucker’s “no” truly means “no”, then he’ll stand a lot taller in the Hollywood community. 2ND UPDATE: Now a spokesperson for Dick Clark Productions just told me that the company “has no intention of suing anyone at this time” and denies NBC’s claim of involvement. I understand that prior to the Golden Globes cancellation, DCP did examine all the possible legal remedies it had. But at the time, says a DCP insider, “NBC was rattling their sabers and claiming they were going to sue us.” Indeed, my initial sources on this story never claimed that Dick Clark Productions would be involved in any lawsuit. Here’s an idea: how about no one sues anyone over the no-go Golden Globes and we call it a day. 3RD UPDATE: NBC confirmed to me later today that the HFPA is planning to sue the WGA for its “secondary boycott” having to do with the guild’s decision not to grant an interim agreement or awards waiver to Dick Clark Productions. But get this: network sources also told me “don’t be surprised” if NBC winds up pursuing a lawsuit against someone or something from the Golden Globes mess.

Sources: NBC & Hollywood Foreign Press May Sue WGA Over No Golden Globes?