sag-2.jpgEXCLUSIVE: I’m told this Saturday the leadership of the Screen Actors Guild as well as AFTRA will attend a Washington DC summit  meeting hosted by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Already, I’ve received several tips claiming that SAG toppers Alan Rosenberg and Doug Allen are being “summoned” by Sweeney to sit down with AFTRA’s Kim Roberts-Hedgepeth and Roberta Riordan and under duress “work out their differences” after afl-cio-sweeney.jpgAFTRA sought and obtained a full AFL-CIO charter earlier this month over SAG’s leadership objections. (Previously AFTRA was able to access AFL-CIO consulting and aid only indirectly.) But other SAG insiders tell me that far from being a “call to appear in chambers”, the meeting was requested by SAG, recommended by Peter DiCicco (Sweeney’s chief advisor on the AFTRA charter request) and agreed to by Sweeney as a condition of the AFTRA charter grant. “SAG’s leaders are pleased to attend,” one insider said. “Besides, Alan Rosenberg is a member of the AFL-CIO executive council. He is, in fact, the only actor’s union leader who does sit on the executive council which is chaired by President Sweeney.”