Saturday Night Live came back on air last night after its enforced writers strike hiatus, and it was way better than I remember. (After all, the scribes on the show had like four months to pen it, right?) If you missed it (YouTube clip is here, the opening skit was a rather trenchant send-up about how biased the media are in favor of Barack Obama, to Hillary Clinton’s frustration. (I’ll to try to find a clip of it online.) fey_writers_strike_110507.jpgThen host Tina Fey did a short but sassy riff on the writers strike. She did apologize to the below-the-line crew for their missing week after week of paychecks  — “No hard feelings!” — but she kept getting hit in the head with the boom mike. Then she told the audience what the writers got for their trouble by way of New Media terms. And, yes, everyone laughed. Steve Martin came onstage and told Tina to think more like an actor than a dull writer (“all slouched, all weak, and young…”). That sounded to me like a perfect segue for a Fey/Martin riff about how the actors might go on strike. But, no. Lorne Michaels, whom emailers told me acted like a prick during the writers strike, probably didn’t want to put ideas in SAG’s head.