Peter Nelson’s powerhouse entertainment law firm Nelson Felker Toczek Davis, which has long repped writers, directors and actors, is no more. Nelson has gone off with former partners George Davis and Mark Wetzstein to start a new firm called Nelson Davis. Marquee clients Peter Jackson, David Duchovny, Andrew Adamson, Allison Janney and Tea Leoni are expected to follow Nelson to his new firm. “We all had a great run with our former partners and we wish them success in their future endeavors,” Nelson was quoted as saying. Nelson, who helped negotiate the deals on Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy and King Kong, Adamson’s The Chronicles of Narnia, and Duchovny’s X-Files. I wish Nelson luck even though he once mildly threatened me on behalf of a really lousy writer-director and then had the good sense to drop the matter since we both knew the client was a total douche-bag.