UPDATE: SAG national executive director and chief negotiator Doug Allen released this statement tonight in response to reaction inquiries on the AMPTP statement of today regarding early talks:

“We have a democratic process called Wages and Working Conditions (W&W) by which our bargaining proposals are suggested and developed from the grassroots of our union. We are not going to disregard our 34-year history of identifying the wishes and will of our members by subverting the W&W process. Wages and Working Conditions meetings are being held now and will likely conclude in March. We will be ready to begin negotiations at the time that most benefits our members.”

Previous: The following statement was released today by the AMPTP in response to the A-List actors’ trade ad addressing contract negotiations with SAG (per my story Monday night, A-List Actors Pressure SAG To Start Talks):

“We welcome early discussions with the actors’ unions, and we know from our DGA negotiations that a contract can be reached early, and without a strike.”