warnerbroslogo-2001.jpgHere’s what a Warner Bros spoksperson is telling me on the record: “These WARN notices were sent because in certain circumstances federal and California law can require employers to give notice of staffing changes. Due to the ongoing WGA work stoppage, some studio divisions will have to lay off employees.  We regret the impact this will have on our employees, and we hope to bring them back to work once the WGA strike ends.”

I’m told that Warner Bros sent “WARN” letters to the studio’s facilities employees. The studio has to do this by law to put them on notice. My sources say this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get laid off and it doesn’t mean all of them will. Also, it’s possible that layoffs would be temporary. But people who’ve seen the letters say those laid off will be notified on Monday. It also says the studio won’t guarantee that those laid off will be rehired after the strike. In any case, it’s rotten news. Which is why Warner Bros and the AMPTP need to get back to negotiating!