“It is unfortunate that the WGA is contemplating plans to ‘investigate’ Jay’s authorship of his Tonight Show monologue. The WGA agreement clearly permits Jay to create and perform his own monologue. The enforcement of strike rules against Jay in these circumstances would violate the Federal labor laws,” said a NBC spokesperson tonight.

This has really turned into an all-out WGA-NBC war! As well as a SAG-NBC war!

That’s because Screen Actors Guild Prez Alan Rosenberg issued a statement today clarifying the thesp union’s position re its stars appearing on network talk shows. “We urge our members to appear on the two programs that have independent agreements with the WGA, The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. However, actors who are asked to appear on the struck network talk shows will have to cross WGA picket lines, creating the same situation that has led to the consensus among actors to skip the Golden Globes. As I have said since this strike began on November 5th, we must stand united with our brothers and sisters at the WGA.”

By the way: Letterman plans to shave off his strike beard on Monday’s show.

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