I thought the paper just wanted a small strike news interview. But the New York Observer has named me its “Media Mensch Of The Year”. This is the first time the paper has chosen a woman. Here’s today’s article. (Full Disclosure: I was that paper’s West Coast Editor from 1995 to 1998. Editor-in-chief Peter Kaplan was the first boss who encouraged me to write any and all criticism about the Hollywood moguls.) Reporter Doree Shafrir calls me an “online outlaw” and claims I won the title “for stubbornly refusing to let this [writers strike] story die and reminding us all that a world populated solely by American Gladiator Idol Big Brother Makeover would be a very sad one indeed, and … that all good journalism comes, first and foremost, from obsession.” (But how did the effing paper get hold of a July 2006 photo of me when I didn’t provide it?) NYO says a prize goes with the title: “a DVD three-pack of All the Presidents’ Men, Norma Rae and Billy Wilder’s classic Ace in the Hole. I’ll treasure it always. (NYO: The Media Mensch Of The Year )