JANUARY 21ST PROGRESS REPORT: I’m feeling better. But I won’t return to reporting until January 25th. Most of you don’t know that I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic, which greatly complicates my health. I debated whether or not to put it in my first advisory, but I felt entitled to my privacy. Now I wish I’d disclosed it because of all the false and even crazy rumors. But diabetes gets its revenge on workaholics like me. I need a few more days of rest, so I’ll come back slowly. Please be patient. Tomorrow I’ll start occasional posting until January 25th. And I’m depending as always on your tips, comments and photos especially after my absence.

JANUARY 14th: I’m exhausted. I’m not feeling well. I’m overwhelmed. I need a week away from the emails and the comments and the phone calls and the rumors. Most of all, I just need to rest since I’ve been going, going, going, since the strike started. I look forward to  coming back on January 22nd and finding it settled (?). In the meantime, stay out of crosswalks while I’m gone. And I promise to return refreshed.