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Quick numbers for this weekend’s movie releases from my box office gurus: Warner Bros I Am Legend opens closer to $60 million than $50 million in 3,606 theaters demonstrating that Will Smith is the biggest stud at the box office bar none. (One bold analyst actually predicted a $65 mil opening, and that’s in Lord Of the Rings territory for a Christmas release of this genre.) The guaranteed hit movie will be badly needed life preserver for Warner Pictures’ drowning movie division. That 20th Century Fox remake of baby boomer favorite Alvin And The Chipmunks will wind up closer to $30 million than $20 million in its 3,475 venue debut. Mothers especially felt predisposed to take their kids to see The Munks. (Can anyone actually understand anything that Alvin says?) And look for the bottom to fall out of costly domestic flop The Golden Compass from New Line, which forked out $200+ million to make it, in its second weekend in release from 3,528 nearly empty runs. I hear studio topper Bob Shaye once again is blaming the director, in this case Chris Weitz, but also his own prez of production Toby Emmerich.