I’ve been able to glean a little from Tuesday’s resumed WGA-AMPTP talks. Both sides sounded very matter-of-fact about today’s negotiations focusing on the writers’ counter-offer. (See my The Operative Word Tuesday Is “Haggle” from last night for background.) strike-day5.JPGNow that the news blackout has been lifted, the AMPTP issued this public end-of-day statement: “We will spend the evening studying what the WGA had to say today, and we look forward to returning to the bargaining table tomorrow.” Earlier in the day, WGA Negotiating Committee Chair John F. Bowman, on behalf of the Writers Guild of America, issued a message to members about the contract negotiations and presented a report-&-analysis.

Tonight, a WGA source says a “small group” talked about the WGA’s counter-offer which Bowman had characterized as “a serious, reasonable, and affordable attempt to bridge the gap between us.” Noted the WGA source, “Questions were exchanged. There was some haggling. This will continue tomorrow.” Said another WGA insider, “Our negotiators have been played so often. But it’s not bad. They’re at least engaged.” And a third party familiar with the talks emailed me, “The tone of ‘haggle’ is it. I’m encouraged today.”

I say, where’s the 2nd half of the AMPTP proposal? The dog eat your homework, boys? I’ll update if and when I know more.

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