globe1.jpgWell, NBC keeps insisting that it won’t cancel the telecast of Hollywood’s most bogus awards show in spite of the certainty there’ll be WGA picketing and some nominated stars staying home in solidarity with the striking writers. The Peacock confirmed today it will air the 65th annual Golden Globes live from Los Angeles as planned on January 13. Since the show itself is put on by the ethically challenged Hollywood Foreign Press Association, it makes sense that neither that organization nor the network is worried about hurting the ceremony’s credibility because it has none. Still, people watch it because they don’t know any better and NBC likes those high ratings that result from the mixing of TV and movie stars. The WGA has refused to grant the Globes a strike waiver and will position strikers along the sidewalks around the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Frankly, I don’t think it’s possible for Hollywood’s A-list stars to show up without looking like jerks. And NBC won’t want to present pre-taped segments with the celebs, which is what CBS’ Peoples Choice Awards is doing. So I still say, as I’ve been saying all along, that the Globes are screwed.