Since I took a few personal days, I failed to cover this past Sunday’s “Below-The-Line” demonstration. With numbers of unemployed IATSE members nearing tens of thousands because of the writers strike, the march of 300-to-500 received a ton of mainstream press coverage for the few hundred. (Whereas those 4,000-5,000 writers at that huge Fox Plaza protest didn’t rate as much Big Media coverage.)

See the BTL march reporting for yourself: ABC World News, Local KABC, Local KCBS, Local KNBC, Local Fox LA, Associated Press, Reuters, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Washington Post. Interestingly, WGA members asked to join the Below-The-Line march but were politely turned away by the organizing folks. Even though, last Friday, IATSE local boss Tom Short, indicating he was working in concert with the AMPTP, blamed the WGA for the breakdown in talks even though the moguls reps walked away from the negotiations. For background on the terrible relations between the WGA and IATSE, see my previous, Bitchslapping Between IATSE & WGA.