I am increasingly hearing from even top agents they’re worried that their tenpercenteries could go under if there’s a long strike. Seriously, panic is starting to set in. Then there’s the morale factor. It’s awful, and not just because their phone calls have decreased from 500 a day to 7. I hear they’re arguing with each other — that is, those who bother still coming into the office. “You know how they say we eat our young?’ an agent told me last week. “Now we’re eating each other.” I tell you, the world will spin off its axis with all that pent-up testosterone from these alpha males. The other day, a top tenpercenter called me and began to chat for 15 minutes. “Have I ever spoken to you for this long?” he asked me. “You see how bored I am?” (Hey, Entourage writers, hope you’re taking notes here.)