hollywoodmoguls.jpgBelow is the new ad seen at AMPTP.org and soon in print that the Big Media moguls are running. “How ironic that a couple weeks ago the WGA was trying to conquer the moguls by portraying them as divided. Now, as evidenced by the ad, the moguls have never been more united at a time the organizers are hoping to divide and conquer,” an AMPTP source tells me. Just one problem: legal sources tell me the ad also exposes potential issues relating to collusion, price-fixing, and anti-trust among the Big Media companies who are supposed to be business competitors. It also once and all establishes that the AMPTP, rather than a supposed umbrella group for 350 production entities as it claims, is really just what I’ve been saying all along: a handful of moguls who control Hollywood because of infotainment consolidation brought on by the lifting of financial syndications rules — Peter Chernin of News Corp/Fox, Jeff Zucker of NBC Universal, Les Moonves of CBS Inc, Brad Grey of Paramount Pictures, Barry Meyer of Warner Bros, Harry Sloan of MGM, Michael Lynton of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Bob Iger of Walt Disney Co. So think about it: these 8 guys have most everyone’s livelihoods in their hands and all they’re doing is boasting about how great their 4th quarters are going to look because of those pesky salaries and productions costs they didn’t have to pay. Why, they’ll probably get bigger bonuses for perpetuating the strike by walking out of the talks. And maybe — if they’re really really lucky, and their collective plan to overhaul the movie and TV business succeeds — they’ll figure out a way to provide entertainment without those expensive “assets who all go home at night” entirely.