TV and film producer (and ex-agent and manager) Gavin Polone is again drawing attention to himself by making anti-WGA comments on TV while the rest of his ilk stay strategically silent. This time, he’s appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money in a segment called “Trading The Hollywood Strike” warning the writers, “You can’t push around Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch.” But not before urging CNBC listeners to buy media stocks Viacom and CBS. He says WGA support is eroding, thinks the guild doesn’t have much leverage, and believes the writers should take the new AMPTP offer. The last time he did this, a lynch mob of scribes formed. (Well, almost.) “Can’t wait to receive the love from you and your acolytes when it is over,” Gavin emailed me before the segment.

UPDATE: Polone explains himself. “The reason I’m saying all of this stuff in public, and putting my name to it, is because I think the WGA is mishandling this situation and I do not believe enough members are truly considering much of anything other than what they hear from other members or the leadership. Some do but they are too fearful of being censured by their comrades to speak up. I know this because they send me confidential emails saying so.”

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