kindness.jpgUPDATED: CAA today gave assistants bonus checks. Not from individual bosses, but from the company. All the other major agencies are doing it too; Paradigm’s checks go out next week (and Sam Gore’s tenpercentery even had its annual Christmas party), Endeavor will be paying bonuses to assistants, etc. They could have easily gotten away with not doing it because of the strike. But the big agencies are working hard to keep their assistants and support staff employed. A PR firm owner who does a lot of business with the studios and networks contacted me because he wanted to anonymously contribute to needy WGA families so their children would be sure to have something under the tree. There are toy drives and I’m sure other random acts of kindness happening this month of Chanukah and Christmas and Kwanzaa to balance all the nastiness. Otherwise, Hollywood really is like this YouTube video purporting to be secret footage from the WGA-AMPTP negotiations.