peoples-choice-awards-2.jpgOf course, no one will admit whether this is being done because of the WGA strike. But CBS has confirmed that the annual People’s Choice Awards will be broadcast January 8th. “The show will go on. The People’s Choice tradition on CBS will continue and we plan to introduce some new ideas in the process.” A source told me earlier today that “they are trying to tape winners giving ‘Thank you’s with clips to air. No press allowed. No red carpet.” Presumably the event will be picketed by striking writers.

I know what you’re thinking: who watches these phony baloney awards and who cares?

But, presuming you do, the “new magazine-style format” hosted by Queen Latifah will feature acceptance remarks as well as answers to questions from their fans. The show’s producers claim this will “give fans a more personal glimpse into the lives of their favorite actors and musicians”. But the previously filmed pieces also help the show avoid making celebrities cross WGA picket lines.