peacock-ben.JPGWhat an incredible pussy Ben Silverman turns out to be by claiming he got “bum-rushed by a journalist operating unfairly” for publishing remarks he made off the record dissing his rivals as “D-girls”. That and other nasty stuff he said is in an article in the current Esquire. Silverman whines in today’s New York Times that the journalist was “provoking me and pushing me.” Like, duh! The real question is why he was doing the interview in the first place: What pray tell does he have to talk about when the fall season was programmed by his predecessor Kevin Reilly (fired from NBC, now at Fox), and Ben barely put a thumbprint on the NBC mid-season schedule. Well into the summer, NBC publicity people agreed that no way was Silverman ready for bigtime PR, and told me they were keeping him away from in-depth magazine interviews. But the funniest part of the Esquire interview was that there was a publicist with him the whole time! I also have to wonder why the NYT‘s Bill Carter, who usually fawns over the TV moguls, plays rough today. Is it because he’s the buttboy of CBS’ Les Moonves?