Here are more details on my exclusive, Hyphenate Accused Of Breaking Strike Rules Brought Before WGA Disciplinary Panel:

writer2.jpgI understand no action was taken against the writer-producer yesterday afternoon. He is being called back in front of the WGAW’s new Strike Rules Compliance Committee (SRCC) next week.

I’m told it wasn’t a WGA writer, or any scribe for that matter, who ratted him out. Instead, the guild was tipped off by one of his former representatives as well as a group of office assistants, not WGA members themselves but nevertheless supportive of the writers cause, who say they witnessed the hyphenate’s alleged actions first hand.

I’m told the writer-producer is accused of doing rewrites on his currently airing TV series as well as two projects in pre-production, one of which is still on schedule to begin shooting very soon.

Besides being a producer and a member of the WGA, the hyphenate is also a member of another guild.

(FYI: I cannot name the writer for legal reasons. Please refrain from making named accusations in your comments, even obliquely, or I will have to delete them.)