craig_l.jpgMany emailers to me think CBS’ Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson is going back on the air next week because actress Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin on NBC’s The Office, posted this on her MySpace blog: “I am supposed to be on the Craig Ferguson Show on Nov. 29th. I think he is improvising the whole show. Should be interesting!”

Uh, no. I checked with my CBS sources who told me that any moment now Angela will get a call telling her the show is cancelled. What’s happening is that guests are still being booked in advance on the Late Late Show on the off chance that the strike will end sooner rather than later. And each week there’s no settlement, those guests are then cancelled. All in all, a fascinating exercise in futility. “No decision has been made when the show will return,” an insider explained to me. “Producers have continued to plan for episodes in the event a strike is settled or the hosts decide to return.”

So is Letterman’s Late Show also doing this? I was told no. That’s because Dave’s show books 4 to 6 months in advance and Ferguson’s show doesn’t have that luxury.