As I keep pointing out, the WGA strike is affecting marketing campaigns for movies and Oscars. Some studios have begun moving all Guild and Academy screenings off of their lots. So here’s another casualty of the strike: awards season peer-group Q&A sessions. thingswelost.jpgI’m told the WGA West Film Society was packed on Saturday for the 5 PM screening of American Gangster largely in anticipation of the Q&A with Steve Zallian scheduled to take place after the screening. Q&As are not just an important part of the WGA screenings and provide award season awareness, they are often are the only forum in which writers may discuss their craft with currently produced scribes. Sources tell me Zallian bowed out hours before the screening began and provided the WGA with a statement telling writers if they wanted to discuss the film, they can visit him on the picket line. Another source says, “He had someone from the Guild read a statement in which he basically said he was on strike and that, because his appearance could be seen as promoting the movie, he declined to show up and speak.” Also, this past Sunday, a WGA West Film Society Q&A with screenwriter Allan Loeb for Things We Lost In The Fire was cancelled. Another sign how far-reaching the strike has become.