UPDATE: Hyphenate Wasn’t Ratted Out By WGA’er

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that the WGAW’s new Strike Rules Compliance Committee (SRCC) called in a high profile TV writer-producer today. writer2.jpgHe reported to the WGA offices at noon to appear before the disciplinary board. According to a source, the hyphenate is facing allegations that he has been breaking the WGA strike rules on his current TV series and two more projects. Though he denies the accusations, he has been confronted with a letter detailing the WGA’s “proof”, the insider says.

The SRCC is comprised of 12 WGAW members whose “mission is to discourage violations of the Guild’s Strike Rules by investigating allegations that writers are undermining our strike efforts by engaging in strike-breaking activities or scab writing and, in appropriate instances, by recommending action against such writers,” the WGA said when announcing its formation. “By doing so, we hope first and foremost to discourage such writers from breaking the Strike Rules.”

AMPTP Nick Counter, days after the disciplinary panel was formed, last week accused the WGA of “using fear and intimidation to control its membership [by] asking members to inform on each other and creating a blacklist.” People inside the Alliance representing studios and networks have decried the SRCC to me as a “rat squad”.

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