CAST: (in order of appearance): Demi Moore, Martin Sheen, Dulcy Rogers, Marguerite Moreau, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Deitrich Bader, Olivia Wilde, Marcia Cross, Chris Redman, Josh Brolin, Jenna Elfman, Elizabeth Pena, Polly Shannon, Kamala Lopez, James Franco
Director: Paul Haggis
Producer: Kamala Lopez
D of P: Dana Gonzales
Sound: Justin Shumaker
Editor: Kamala Lopez
Technical Team: Joel Marshall, Anthony Marinelli, Clint Bennett

This is the 15th of the Writers Guild Of America member-conceived Internet videos for Project “Speechless” featuring A-list Screen Actors Guild talent. For the first time in the TV and movie industry, high-profile SAG actors are together taking their talents directly and exclusively to the Internet, the very medium which is at the center of the current WGA labor strike against the Alliance Of Motion Picture & Television Producers. The project, conceived by director/writer George Hickenlooper and writer Alan Sereboff, made its exclusive weekend debut here on my Deadline Hollywood Daily with 11 videos. The “Speechless” campaign now debuts on its new site,, which will be adding new videos every day in both high-res and low-res versions.