pencils.jpgMany fans have joined “Save our Show” efforts in the past. One technique that’s gotten press and attention is fans mailing a particular item, related to the show, to the appropriate network — bottles of Tabasco sauce for Roswell, or peanuts for Jericho. Here’s what’s being done by fans for the WGA strike: “Now is the time to save ALL our shows. MAIL PENCILS pencils to the AMPTP and to any studios whose shows you enjoy. Make sure the pencils are NOT sharpened (let’s not impale any innocent mail carriers in this movement! One 42-cent stamp won’t do it, because the letter must be hand canceled; it costs 58 cents (or, if you’re lazy like me, just slap two stamps on each business-sized envelope). Feel free to enclose a brief note explaining which show(s) you most want back as soon as possible. Maybe we can help the studios see just how much support the WGA has. And maybe, just maybe, we can give them a graceful way out (not because they’re buckling under the writers’ demands, but because they care so much about their audience. Us. And isn’t that supposed to be their job?”