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November 2007 Archive

Writers And Producers Tried To Hire J-Lo

Here’s an interesting writers strike PR nugget I just found out: Turns out both sides, first the Hollywood moguls and then the WGA, wanted to hire former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart as their official mouthpiece. Lockhart, now founding partner and president of the consulting firm Glover Park Group specializing in advocacy advertising, gained fame for flacking the Clinton impeachment trials. The mutual feeling was, if he can handle that, then a… Read

CBS And WGA In Messy Pissing Match Over Katie's Cancelled Democratic Debate

So this bitchslapping contest has been developing all day. Best if I just give you the dueling statements. CBS issued theirs tonight and it’s a doozie: “Two weeks ago, CBS officials, in an effort of cooperation, contacted the WGA leadership and asked them to suspend the picketing for just a couple of hours on December 10 so the Democratic presidential debate could go on and the democratic process could be served.  Our request was met with silence. Their statement today… Read

Shake-Up Inside AMPTP Public Relations

UPDATE: Writers And Producers Tried To Hire J-Lo (as in former White House flack Joe Lockhart) This is one of those stories that’s a lot more interesting to journalists than it is to striking writers or even Hollywood. But I’d been hearing for several days that Barbara Brogliatti, who two years ago retired from a bigwig PR job at Warner Bros only to be brought back recently as the primary spokesperson for the AMPTP, was exiting that role. Now I can confirm that “Brog” is… Read

Another Negotiating Session Thursday

Yes, the AMPTP and WGA are still talking — or what passes for talking between this bunch. What was only supposed to be three days of talks is now four days of talks. Next round skedded for 10 AM Thursday. UPDATE: I’ll have a full report about the Talks Day #3.  Read

Every Strike Needs A Hip Hop Anthem

“Shout out to all the pickets at Television City. Let them know writers won’t be treated shitty.” Rumor has it the lyrics on this video are to be committed to memory by Friday (or you striking writers will be forced to picket at Paramount…).  Read

SHOCKER: Charlie Koones Exits Variety

I just got off the phone with Charlie who laughed when I asked if this was another one of those “I’m leaving to spend more time with my family” job exits. “While I adore my family, this isn’t about that. And though I just turned 45, it’s not a premature mid-life crisis either,” said the president and publisher of Variety and Reed Business Entertainment Group since 2000. “I’ve stayed here for 17 years because I’ve been able to do new things. But now I’ve done what I can do… Read

“Speechless” #15: 'Just What's On The Page' (Josh Brolin, James Franco)

CAST: (in order of appearance): Demi Moore, Martin Sheen, Dulcy Rogers, Marguerite Moreau, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Deitrich Bader, Olivia Wilde, Marcia Cross, Chris Redman, Josh Brolin, Jenna Elfman, Elizabeth Pena, Polly Shannon, Kamala Lopez, James Franco Director: Paul Haggis Producer: Kamala Lopez D of P: Dana Gonzales Sound: Justin Shumaker Editor: Kamala Lopez Technical Team: Joel Marshall, Anthony Marinelli, Clint Bennett This is the 15th of the Writers Guild Of… Read

CBS Writers Considering Dec 10th Strike To Disrupt Network's Presidential Debate

The WGA is saying that CBS news writers are ‘‘strongly considering” a December 10th strike date. The timing appears to be an attempt by union leadership to disrupt CBS plans for a presidential debate the same day. That’s because several Democratic White House candidates like Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have all said they won’t  cross a picket line to participate in a debate. So far no exact date is set for a strike, which was authorized by the rank and… Read

EXCLUSIVE: Talks Day #2 Still Friendly But Unproductive; “Game Of Chicken”

Tuesday was the day that the writers and the producers were supposed to start considering “new business” during their resumed contract negotiations. But, instead, they just kept focused on old business. Day #2 was supposed to be “when they really start advancing the ball forward” and “where the rubber can really meet the road,” according to its advance billing. Instead, it was the same old same old. Again, negotiators for the AMPTP presented that “very comprehensive… Read

More From Letterman's Late Show Writers

I find consistently the funniest strike blog out there. Some recent gems you may have missed: BILL SCHEFT’S STRIKE RELATED DAVE-TYPE MONOLOGUE JOKE OF THE DAY: The hookers in Times Square, God Bless ’em, are now offering their “Writers Strike Special.” It’s $29.95, but if you let them make a DVD, they’ll give you back four cents. THE AMPTP’S CONTRACT PROPOSAL …BY JOE GROSSMAN… Today, the WGA and AMPTP resumed negotiations, and inside sources… Read