Ugh, I just heard about the new crop of game shows coming soon to network TV because of the writers strike. And, appropriately enough, they hinge on whether contestants are bluffing. Mediaweek reports about these game shows and I’ve cast around for more details:

ABC’s Wanna Bet?, a game show based on a German format, has celebrities wagering on stunt-performing contestants.

ABC’s Duel, based on a French format, has two contestants face each other in a high-stakes quiz game while trying to bluff their way to win money. It’s a cross between a quiz show and a poker game.

CBS’ Do You Trust Me? where strangers team up for money, wagering on how much each can depend on the other. It’s supposed to be hosted by bow-tie-sporting pundit Tucker Carlson, and the cash is over $1 million. Carlson reveals secrets from each contestant’s past, influencing how much trust their teammate may have.

Fox’s Moment of Truth is based on a Colombian format where contestants are strapped to lie detectors and asked personal questions in a quest for cash. As long as they answer truthfully, they win money and continue on in the game.

NBC’s Amne$ia is a quiz show that delves into players’ personal lives. The brainchild of Mark Burnett, it challenges contestants to remember events from their own life.

I bet viewers are gonna want to forget the rest of the TV season.