hollywood-strike.JPGA Studio City blogger suggests a mixtape to show support for the striking writers. Brian (dunno his last name) says: “I hope that it makes a decent soundtrack for the struggle against the corporatization of America which is at the heart of this conflict.”
“Fool Me Once” George W. Bush
“Know Your Rights” The Clash
“2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)” Radiohead
“Here’s Your Future” The Thermals
“Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe” Okkervil River
“Rebellion (Lies)” Arcade Fire
“The Big Payback” Bruce Springsteen
“Sixteen Tons” Bo Diddley
“Gimme Some Truth” Pearl Jam
“21st Century Rip Off” The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
“I Won’t Back Down” Johnny Cash
“Kicking Television” Wilco
“The Revolution Starts” Steve Earle
“I Will Survive” Cake
“The Underdog” Spoon
“Even A Dog Can Shake Hands” Warren Zevon
“Mr. November” The National
“The Star Spangled Banner” Jimi Hendrix

Suggestions for other songs?