TV fans are showing support for the striking writers of their favorite shows. There are all sorts of new websites by them, not to mention pizza deliveries to the picket lines. Now fans of CSI have arranged for a plane to fly over the picketing WGA members near Universal Studios with the message “CSI Fans Support WGA” tomorrow weather permitting. They emailed me:

“As fans, we wholeheartedly support the WGA and we were looking for a tangible way to show our support – to show that the fans are supporting the writers, regardless of what Variety or any other trade publication would like you to think. Hopefully it will serve as a morale boost for the writers and let them know that the fans are behind them. Fans from all over the world have contributed to this campaign. Fans understand that we are going to miss out on our favorite programs, whether it is CSI or ER or any other show.  But we also understand that there is much more at stake than what happens with Sara and Grissom (I can’t believe I just typed that). We understand that the writers are fighting for what is fair and owed to them. They are only fighting for what they rightfully deserve, and we get that.”