This is guaranteed to make Hollywood hate Ben even more without Silverman even shooting off his mouth in the press yet again. How nice for him that Shine, the UK indie owned and run by Elisabeth Murdoch, will snag his production company for something like $200 million. Ironic that a Murdoch winds up solving NBC’s conflict of interest problem, eh? (See my previous, Don’t Sweep This Under The Rug, NBC.)

By the way, unlike Rupert’s idiot sons in the media biz Lachlan and James, Rupert Murdoch’s second oldest kid, Elisabeth, is one smart cookie (but she’s only third in the line of succession). She kept telling Fox executives that Simon Fuller’s 2001 British monster hit Pop Idol would do just as well in America. But Sandy Grushow and Gail Berman shrugged her off. Finally, it took Elisabeth’s nagging Daddy, and a direct order from Rupert himself, to get American Idol launched. Only after it scored a huge audience did the Fox execs claim they made sure the UK import was “properly Americanized” so as to take credit.