iger-mouse-small.jpgAlmost as stupid a move as Jeff Zucker’s PR push about NBC Universal’s big Internet push during the week before the WGA strike where the central issue is electronic sell-through, is Disney CEO Bob Iger’s sending out a self-congratulatory memo today. The mogul boasts about “another year of outstanding financial results. We posted record net income and record earnings per share for our 2007 fiscal year, bolstered by a strong 4th quarter performance. These results stem directly from our emphasis on the creation of high-quality content across all of our businesses, backed up by a clear strategy for maximizing the value of that content across platforms and markets.” News Corp’s Peter Chernin also made rosy remarks during this week’s guidance to shareholders, including how the strike will benefit Fox in the short term. Psst, Bob and Peter, you’re supposed to stay on message  and complain about how bad things are at your companies when you’re in the middle of a strike. Otherwise, the WGA might think you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. Or you can mimic NBC in the most recent Esquire (which has an article on Ben Silverman I haven’t had time to read yet) claiming that even though a show like The Office has mediocre ratings it does well in DVD sales and downloads but the network still lost a billion bucks this year. Jeez, what does Jeff Zucker have to do to get fired?