Funny story yesterday from the Warner Bros Gate 2 picket lines: “Jeffrey Katzenberg was pulling into the lot in his black Prius right in front of a bunch of us. Someone recognized him right away and in an act of God, he hit the red light. A lot of us starting shouting at him (not hostile-like, in good humor) asking for just a little bit of Internet money. Trapped at the light, he gave us a few ‘whaddya gonna do?’ shrugs. Then right before the light changed we got a thumbs up from him! A good omen, right?” It wouldbe — if Katzenberg had any pull with his studio brethren, which he doesn’t. But leaders of the militant pack Chernin and Barry Meyer would love to show you another finger. I’m worried that now Katzenberg will have to go into for the Witness Protection Program.