UPDATE: CBS & WGA In Messy Pissing Match Over Cancelled Democratic Debate

So much for anchor Katie Couric’s moment in the presidential political spotlight. That televised debate set for next month among the Democratic presidential candidates has been canceled to avoid a potential conflict with striking WGA writers. The decision was made by the Democratic National Committee concerning the embattled December 10th debate at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, where pickets gather every day. But the decision to cancel also coincides with the WGA saying this AM that CBS news writers are ”strongly considering” a December 10th strike date. The timing appeared to be an attempt by union leadership to disrupt the CBS debate plans for the same day. Candidates Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have all said they won’t  cross a picket line to participate in a debate.

UPDATE: What CBS said today: “CBS News regrets not being able to offer the Democratic presidential debate scheduled for December 10th in Los Angeles.  The possibility of picket lines set up by the Writers Guild of America and the unwillingness of many candidates to cross them made it necessary to allow the candidates to make other plans.”