Screenwriter David H. Steinberg (Slackers, American Pie 2, Puss in Boots) emails me about this conversation he had today near the picket line:

20thcenturyfox.JPG“I was parking at the Rancho Park Recreation Facility this morning en route to the Fox picket line, and a security guard was in the parking lot because they were filming something. I asked if I was allowed to park there for the strike picketing. He said I was fine, so I parked. But as I walked out of the parking lot towards Fox, I passed the guard again and he asked, kind of as an afterthought, ‘So, when is this strike going to end?’

“Well, I launched into a tirade, how that depends on the studios, how it could be over next month or not till next summer, how people who say they know when the strike is going to end are just full of bullshit because no one knows when it’s going to end.

“And he just stares at me and says, ‘No, I mean when’s it going to end today?’

” ‘Oh. Two.’

” ‘Cool. Thanks.’ “