UPDATE: Here’s a report on Edwards’ appearance.

The WGA just announced that Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will join striking writers on the picket line Friday. “Following his public statement of solidarity with the Writers Guild of America last week, former U.S. Senator John Edwards will … support the WGA in its ongoing fight to secure a fair and reasonable deal.” He will walk the line at 2 PM at NBC Entertainment, 3000 W. Alameda Avenue in Burbank at the NBC sign on the corner. This absolutely one-ups all previous political activity on the line where Barack Obama’s LA staff and volunteers joined the strikers. All three Democratic frontrunners have expressed support for the striking writers, but Edwards has had the least amount of Hollywood support financially or celebrity/mogul-wise. Obama was first to make a pro-WGA declaration. I’ve already reported that the Hollywood/Big Media moguls were pissed as hell that Obama got out in front of the other Democratic presidential candidates and issued what they considered “a totally knee-jerk response” taking the writers’ side. And they let him know it, too. (Clearly the CEOs were naive enough to think that just because they’ve been hosting political fundraisers and giving donations to him that gives them any clout.)