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Above photo, daughter of Gary Greenberg, writer on Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Some L.A. strikers got really sunburned today. And tomorrow is going to be hotter. So there will be more picketers willing to get up early and do the 6 AM shift aimed at encouraging the Teamsters not to conduct business as usual.

familystrike2.jpgAt Fox today in addition to cute kids: Patti Lupone (“someone should have come up with some fabulous “Don’t Cry for Me Rupert Murdoch” sign…..”) Martin Short,  Larry David, Jim Brooks, Alexandra Paul.

Photo (left) of freelance TV writer Sarah Jane Cunningham and her daughter, Charlotte. “She waved her little sign like a trooper, chanting, ‘Mommy’s on strike!'”

This chant heard today at NBC: “On an Internet download where if a writer doesn’t get paid, it’s called PROMOTIONAL. On an Internet download where the studio doesn’t get paid, it’s called PIRACY.” (OK, maybe you had to be there…)