Well, I certainly had a good laugh today at Universal’s expense. How in the world can the studio expect truthfulness from a just greenlighted Kurt Cobain biopic when Courtney Love will exec produce with attorney Howard Weitzman? cobain.jpgYou know, and I know, but they don’t seem to care, that this movie is gonna get crucified by critics, audiences and Nirvana fans just by involving Courtney, who owns her dead hubbie’s life rights. The very idea that Weitzman has weaseled his way onto this project to “protect” his client Courtney’s interests is a guffaw. It’s really rare for a lawyer to snag such a credit. Then again, he’s a good pal of Ron Meyer and was his exec vp after Meyer took over at MCA/Universal Studios in 1995. But my opinion of Weitzman is that wherever he goes, a foul odor follows (worse than teen spirit or studio flopsweat). That is certainly how Nirvana devotees view Love as well. The film is ostensibly based on the biography Heavier Than Heaven, and conspiracy theorists have had a field day speculating about the conditions under which Courtney gave author Charles Cross extensive interviews as well as exclusive access to Kurt’s unpublished diaries. What I hate seeing here is yet another minefield of a biopic likely to blow up in everyone’s faces (attached is screenwriter David Benioff of the Oscar-touted The Kite Runner). Tonight, a studio source told me: “I understand that it’s a messy and complicated background, but don’t prejudge it.”