wma.jpgUPDATE: Yes, there was a major board meeting for the William Morris Agency today. But, no, it didn’t turn out nasty. An insider had passed along to me info that “new members to be put on the board, wiatt1.jpgbut Jim Wiatt and a couple others trying to figure out how to kick some others off. It could get ugly.” Not so, says Wiatt who called just now to tell me that no one was added to the board, and no one was subtracted. (Among the new names I heard might go on the board were Paul Bricault, John Rosen, John Ferriter and Aaron Kaplan.) As for nastiness, remember that this is the same agency that moved bigwig Walt Zifkin out of his primo headquarters office space and across the street into Siberia. I do recall the last time Morris became embroiled in a difficult board meeting that led to a major shake-up: lots of comings and goings that led to Wiatt consolidating his power at the agency back in 2004.
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