So this is what happens on Wall Street when the boys get angry with media stocks: they take back their toys and stomp off. Bloomberg is reporting that Morgan Stanley, the second-biggest shareholder in New York Times Co., sold its entire 7.3% stake today, sending the stock to its lowest price in more than 10 years. This extreme move follows an unsuccessful 2 1/2-year challenge by Hassan Elmasry of Morgan Stanley Investment Management to the Sulzberger family’s control of the newspaper empire. pinchsulzberger.jpg(This guy has really been a thorn in Punch’s side in particular.) The clan utilizes a super-voting stock that allows them to appoint nine of the company’s 13 directors. Elmasry helped convince shareholders owning 42% of the company to withhold support for directors at the publisher’s April annual meeting. The Morgan Stanley stock sale hasn’t been made public yet, but Bloomberg said a $183 million block trade of 10 million New York Times shares took place this morning. At one point in today’s trading, the stock price fell as low as $18.24, a level not seen since January 1997. Other newspaper stocks are also trading at 10-year lows because of the loss of advertising to new media and the decline in classified ads linked to tumbling housing sales. The New York Times Co reports third-quarter results on October 23.