In addition to my own postings about DreamWorks moguls David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg in Malibu during the fires here and here and here, I’ve just combed other news stories and culled this showbiz-related coverage:

kiefersutherland.jpgPerhaps the hardest-hit entertainment company was Sony Online Entertainment, maker of computer games, which closed its 600-worker office in the Miramar area of fire-affected San Diego.

Fox’s hot TV series 24 was scheduled to shoot Monday and Tuesday at a shuttered Naval air station in the Orange County city of Irvine but was forced to retreat because smoky conditions made filming impossible. The cast and crew returned to the studio.

ABC’s new series Big Shots had to reschedule a shoot planned for Tuesday in the Angeles National Forest as well as a cycling sequence in Malibu.

coldcase3.jpgCBS’ Cold Case had a set in Simi Valley that high winds leveled.

Production on CBS’ NCIS had a few crew members unable to make it to work because of fire concerns. Otherwise, there was minimal disruption even though the series shoots at a Santa Clarita studio near the so-called Magic Fire in northern Los Angeles County.

Warner Bros finance executive Tony Rodriguez and his wife returned to their house on a hill above Malibu on Wednesday knowing they would find nothing. The couple were evacuated at 5 am Sunday along with their two dogs. They were watching TV when they saw their newly renovated home go up in flames. The home’s new addition cost $800,000 and was not insured. Rodriguez credits one of his dogs with waking him and his wife during the night as the flames surged through Malibu.

At 6 am Sunday, ex-Warner Bros co-chairman Bob Daly made like Noah’s Ark and evacuated a menagerie of more than 200 birds and animals to safety from his 25-acre ranch on the Malibu-Calabasas border. Three hours later, the critters — 50 chickens, 10 ducks, 150 pigeons, 10 sheep, 10 goats, plus another one who just had two babies, two donkeys and one miniature horse — were safely encamped at Daly’s 5-acre mansion in Bel-Air across the street from the country club. He used a fenced-off sports practice area at the back of his property as a petting zoo. The neighborhood kids were thrilled, including four grandchildren of ex-Universal Studios CEO Frank Biondi Jr. On Wednesday Daly brought the barnyard back to Malibu.

bertfields100.jpgEntertainment litigator Bert Fields took turns with his housekeeper hosing down his roof while his wife prayed.

ICM agent Chris Smith was in the middle of closing a deal for a client to star in a pilot when the TV executive he was negotiating with sent him a message on his BlackBerry: “Fire’s hitting. Gotta Go. Might be a few days.”

Will Smith saw flames from a canyon not far away out of his windows on Sunday, but stayed safe at home for a 60 Minutes interview.

Actor Costas Mandylor injured his back while attempting to save a friend’s home on Monday in Malibu.

kelsey_grammar.jpgSitcom star Kelsey Grammer was among those evacuated from Malibu and made light of the evacuation for the sake of his 6-year-old daughter who was nervous at first. He told her to relax and assured her it would be fun. His family and dogs all got out safely and his house remained untouched Tuesday.

Actress Jane Seymour was on stage Monday at ABC’s Dancing with the Stars while her husband, actor-director James Keach, protected their Malibu house. The fire was close by and, despite a mandatory evacuation, her husband stayed to fight the fire. Somehow  Seymour stayed focused on her performance. The couple’s home was undamaged and didn’t appear to be in any imminent danger by Tuesday.

tori.jpgOxygen’s Reality TV stars Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott had a San Diego County bed and breakfast featured on their show. They learned Monday that the nearby small town of Fallbrook had been evacuated because of the fires.

With only seconds to flee the flames in her Malibu castle, Lilly Lawrence grabbed Elvis Presley’s Army uniform. It was part of a large collection of Elvis memorabilia she owned — most of which was destroyed. Her inventory list of gone items include Elvis’ red Ford Fairlane, nearly 3 dozen of Elvis’ personal movie scripts that had his notes in the margins, also original Presley song sheets for Heartbreak Hotel and American Trilogy, and Graceland souvenirs. Lawrence bought about 50 lots worth of Elvis memorabilia when Priscilla and Lisa Marie put them up for auction.