News reports say Microsoft, Walt Disney Co., CBS and other technology and media companies agreed on principle to prevent the unauthorized use of copyrighted videos by Internet users. walt-disney-logo-corporate.jpgThe companies said in a statement today they agreed to use technology that eliminates files posted on Web sites without permission. The group also agreed to identify and remove links to sites that are mostly using content without permission, develop ways to promptly address claims that content was blocked in error, and promote legitimate online services. cbscorplogo.jpgThis is all part of the effort by media companies seeking to increase revenue from online advertising to step up efforts to prevent Web sites they don’t own from using unauthorized content. GE’s NBC Universal unit, News Corp’s Fox and MySpace units, Viacom Inc., Veoh Networks Inc and Dailymotion SA support the initiative. But not Google, which is being sued by Viacom for copyright infringement on its YouTube video-sharing site. To avoid additional lawsuits, Google introduced this week a technology that flags clips posted by YouTube users who don’t have copyrights on the content.