In my latest lalogo.gif column, Strike Happy, I pulled together much of my reporting about the strategy and snarking behind the scenes at the WGA and AMPTP. It begins:

“As the strike deadline draws near, the nauseous stench of flop sweat has saturated movie and TV writers’ rooms, sound stages, and executive suites. The reason for the malodorous cloud currently hanging over Hollywood has less to do with fear over the fires raging around the outskirts of Los Angeles than with the combustible relationship between the Writers Guild and the moguls. Pissing off the studio and network bigwigs accustomed to calling the shots in this Industry is the hard line taken by the WGA’s membership. And pissing off the Schmucks With Underwoods, as that shithead with money Jack Warner so unaffectionately dubbed the scribblers long ago, has been the arrogant determination of his Big Media successors to use the strike as an excuse to rethink their business models.

Excuse me for gagging, but I’m not sure which is worse: the smell of stinky armpits or the odor of caged animals. Ugh, every three years, the writers and producers who occupy the same pen known as Hollywood act like monkeys flinging their feces against the walls. Both sides make menacing noises to indicate they’re going to bite the hands that feed them. If a strike happens again, then I say drag everyone away from the bargaining table and put them in the same padded cell.

… continued here.